I am having trouble finding a function that can reference a row (the number of that row) containing specific text as criteria.

I thought that VLookUp would work, but it's not really. Ideally it's something like this:

var Row = Find("This Text", in this range, in this column)

And the output would be the rows#.

"Find" is a substitute for the ACTUAL function I'm looking for. If you know of a function in app scripts that can accomplish this, please let me know.

To give you an idea of the code I'm making, here is a section (Vlookup isn't working).

// Process the user's response. 

var Row = Vlookup("Cancelled",A7:B,2,False); 

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); 
var range = ss.getSheets()[0].getRange("A14:K14"); 
var sheet = ss.getSheets()[0]; 
var cell = sheet.getRange("B15"); 
var button = Result.getSelectedButton(); 
var text = Result.getResponseText(); 
if (button == Ui.Button.OK) { 
    var sh = ss.getActiveSheet(); 
  • Use MATCH() instead of a script. Regarding the code you included it has several errors. – Rubén Aug 27 '15 at 20:39
  • That's funny cause its working perfectly. and it has to be embedded in the script. – Michael Aug 27 '15 at 20:43
  • Maybe I'm wrong, maybe something was lost when you pasted the code like the last }. Try using the code format tool to format your code. – Rubén Aug 27 '15 at 20:51
  • I formatted your script code; please check that it has the meaning you intended. If you want to mimic Vlookup in a script, just use getValues and then run through the obtained values, comparing each to the search key. A couple of for loops is all it takes. – user79865 Aug 28 '15 at 3:19

You can use MATCH to return the row number. For example if you're looking for the word "Help" in Column H, and it's on row 14:


will return 14.

  • 1
    The question is about a script, not a spreadsheet function. – user79865 Sep 29 '15 at 1:03
  • 1
    He mentioned considering using VLOOKUP, so a formula was not off the table necessarily. Thanks for the downvote. – James McCoy Sep 29 '15 at 2:57
  • My pleasure. He mentioned vlookup thinking it would work from a script. – user79865 Sep 29 '15 at 3:00

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