I'm troubleshooting a problem getting Cognito Forms to webhook into an application of mine, and I want to be sure that I'm testing properly. After running it through RequestBin, it looks as though Cognito will send the webhook after an initial submission, but will not re-send the webhook if the submission is edited and saved.

Is that right?

Is there any way to modify that behaviour?

Is there a way to create a new "entry" without having to retype everything in an existing one?


Cognito Forms currently support "chaining" forms via the public link. That is, in form 1, you can create a redirect url with parameters consisting of entry data from that form to pre-fill data on form 2. As an example, if you make your redirect url (in Submission Settings): https://cognitoforms.com/myorg/mysecondform?entry={Name:{First:[Name.First],Last:[Name.Last]}}
where the elements in square brackets are inserted field values and myorg and mysecondform are your organization and form names, then the second form will come up with data prefilled from the first form.

On our Idea Board, we have a card for more advanced web hook support in Cognito Forms. Stop by and up-vote it to help us get this feature prioritized!

Disclaimer: I am an engineer on the Cognito Forms team

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