In the form below, the tab index does what you think it does. I have been entering this form the same way for years by tabbing through it, but I have a hunch there is a macro/script out there that can rep this out in a single click.

click here for picture of data entry form (link updated)


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I could not see the form either, but website form filling is the classical use case for iMacros. It is an open-source web browser macro recorder (as opposed to normal desktop macro recorders like AHK). I use it daily to fill out lengthy web forms for web regression testing). You can download iMacros as free addon for IE, Firefox and Chrome.

iMacros filling out a very long, multi-page BPO web form: iMacros filling out a very long, multi-page BPO web form...


LastPass does form fills. http://lastpass.com/help.php?topic=formfillbasic&nw=1&fromwebsite=1

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