I'm trying to create a 10% price reduction coupon in my form. I have followed the instructions carefully, using a Price Field named Discount.

Two questions. First, when I input the given code "CouponCode = "Save10" ? -ItemTotal*0.1 : 0" into the Amount field it refuses to accept with an error code "Calculation must be formatted as $#,###.##." So it won't accept this calculation because it has text!?!

Also if there is a way to get this to do what the developers say it will do, how do i get it to take 10% off of the Payment Total? Do I have to enter all the concerned fields or will the input "ItemTotal" catch the whole form?

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I believe you're trying to enter the code into generated form which allows for submission

enter image description here

That's not quite correct - you need to enter the code for calculation when you're building the form - once you add the Price field, on the builder, look for an Amount field on the left side and enter the code there

From form builder

You'll see that once you do this, it will calculate correctly.

enter image description here

  • Also, please note that calculations must start with an "=". Otherwise, Cognito Forms will assume you are trying to enter a constant value, not a calculation. Sep 14, 2015 at 12:51

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