In my Google spreadsheet I have data which updates automatically. I need to see only cells which start with 1. I have used filter but it didn't workout as after each update filter doesn't update so I am getting wrong values (not only those which start with 1). I know that Filter formula can help me but I don't know how to specify "starts with 1" in it. Please let me know if you have any ideas.


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In order to capture only cells starting with 1, you will need to use the REGEXMATCH formula.

(Let's assume you wanted to filter columns A and B, based on whether or not the data in A starts with 1.)


The "^1" is a regular expression that captures strings that contain 1 as their first characters.

However, this only works on strings of text, so if your data is numerical, you will need to use the TEXT function in the range argument of your REGEXMATCH to convert the data into text.


  • Thew however note was needed! I got 0 matches at first, but had to swap my zip code column to text. Example with other filters parameters. =count(FILTER('Timeline and Demographic Data'!D:D,MONTH('Timeline and Demographic Data'!D:D)=Month(A43),YEAR('Timeline and Demographic Data'!D:D)=YEAR(A43),REGEXMATCH('Timeline and Demographic Data'!J:J,"^2"))) May 24, 2023 at 13:30

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