I'm trying to use DGET() to match values across several sheets.

If I try and match criteria that are times, it always fails. If I replace the criteria with words, it is successful. Here is an image as an example:

enter image description here

The one that failed was trying to match the time of 7:00 AM and the one that worked is matching the words StuffStuff. If I do an IF statement between the two times, it is TRUE.

How do I get DGET to work with times?

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You can use it without "="& like this:

=DGET(F60:M61,"Sat",{"Start Time";F67})
  • This works best if you have only numeric values in your column. However, if you had also strings beginning with the same letter, let's say StuffStuff and s, and you wanted to search for s, you would get an error indicating that more than one match was found. To make this formula work well on both, strings and numeric values, I would incorporate the part you used before with an IF, like this: =DGET(F60:M61,"Sat",{"Start Time";IF(ISNUMBER(F67),F67,"="&F67)})
    – ZygD
    Sep 27, 2015 at 0:05

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