I am trying to send email via script in Google Spreadsheet. I know that the argument in this case cell B4 will be integer.

In my cell is function =sendEmails(B4) and my script looks like this.

function sendEmails(result) {
  var cell = Number(result);
  MailApp.sendEmail("[email protected]", "Lab", cell);
  MailApp.sendEmail("[email protected]", "Lab", result);

But the problem is that in the logs it shows this and the same arrives by email.

[15-09-27 20:13:01:449 CEST] NaN
[15-09-27 20:13:01:449 CEST] undefined

Where is my mistake?


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As Rubén pointed out, custom functions cannot be used for this purpose. Sending an email requires authorization, which is not a part of custom function workflow. Quoting from documentation:

custom functions never ask users to authorize access to personal data. Consequently, they can only call services that do not have access to personal data, specifically the following:

[a list that does not include MailApp]

The same page offers a solution:

To use a service other than those listed above, create a custom menu that runs an Apps Script function instead of writing a custom function. A function that is triggered from a menu will ask the user for authorization if necessary and can consequently use all Apps Script services.

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