I'm getting some really weird results from my QUERY() Here is an image with an example:

enter image description here

I'm querying for the name where No Show = "No Show". It find the correct name Name 5 but also returns a concatenated list of names separated by a space.

Why is this happening? How do I fix it?

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The third, optional, argument of query command is

The number of header rows at the top of data. If omitted or set to -1, the value is guessed based on the content of data.

In your situation, the formatting of column A confused the query, and it interpreted most of that column as header rows. Solution: explicitly indicate the number of header rows, i.e., 1 in your case.

  • Ah, in my case I would actually set it to 0 because I am not including the header rows in my query. And it worked! Sep 28, 2015 at 2:42
  • THANK YOU, @user79865! I was stumped on a similar case and you nailed it! Sep 11, 2019 at 6:38

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