If I have browsed to a file on a commit that moved the file, what is the easiest way to navigate to the previous commit and location of the file?

For example, see the commit history on this file. The last entry on September 17 is the commit where the file was moved. To find its previous location, I did the following:

  1. Noted the initial commit date
  2. Went to the front page
  3. Clicked on commits
  4. Paged through to September 17 and found the commit
  5. Clicked on the commit prior
  6. Clicked Browse Files
  7. Hit T to open the file finder
  8. Typed HtmlHelper.cs
  9. Click the first result

Is there a more direct way to do this?

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I ended up writing a Chrome Extension to make this far simpler. None of the steps in the question are required any longer, as the initial page contains a link per the screenshot below. Source on github.

Github Follow Extension

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