I am trying to auto-populate dates from a fixed date in Google Sheets.
Essentially, I want it to auto-populate the dates for every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I have found stuff on skipping weekends, but nothing like this and I am stumped - which is not hard to do!


In the enumeration used by weekday function by default, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are days 3, 5, and 7 of the week. The solution I give below is not special to these particular days: you can replace {3,5,7} below with any other selection of days of week.

=A2 + 1 + min(arrayformula(mod({3,5,7} - weekday(A2) - 1, 7)))

This is a formula that would appear in A3, computing the next date based on A2. The starting date at A2 doesn't have to be in the acceptable range itself.


  • A2 + 1 is tomorrow, the minimal possible value of A3. We want to find out if this value is acceptable; if not, by how much it should be increased.
  • arrayformula(mod({3,5,7} - weekday(A2) - 1, 7)) find the day intervals between tomorrow and the acceptable days of week. The mod function is needed to wrap things up correctly: e.g., mod(3 - 6, 7) = mod(-3, 7) = 4
  • Finally, min determines the smallest of those day intervals, and adds it to the value of tomorrow.
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