So our company is using Google Apps (or Gmail) to handle our emails. I've created an user with the address ticket@company.com and added an email forwarding to x@mail.asana.com to automatically create tickets on Asana. This works as it is supposed to. Asana automatically assigns those ticket to me and if needed, I can distribute them further.

I would now like Asana to send a feedback to the person who opened the ticket, when I close it. This only works if the sender is a follower on Asana. To add followers, their E-Mail has to be in the CC of the email opening the ticket.

Long story short: I would like to have an email forwarding (on Gmail, if it's not possible we could use an external service as well, but I would prefer to have it on Gmail), that adds the sender of the email as a CC

Example foo@company.com sends an email to ticket@company.com. Gmail then forwards that email to x@mail.asana.com with foo@company.com as CC.

Is that possible? If yes, how?

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