new chat/ active friends return

About - noticing strange patterns in my Messenger chat app (in my two devices i6 and Mini3 iPad iOS9) ever since I let one friend use the Mini3 for a day in August.

At certain times the active list in Messenger will show me green light and no other active Facebook friends - internet is 100% / happening over Wi-Fi and cellular - and it seems to be happening the same time a group of friends (all gamers in Internet shop) are online, particularly if they are in chat with myself.

I have one caught on film - zero active friends, just me, a yellow bar with "connecting" at top of the screen, then it all changes to green bar "connected", all active friends appear back with green light etc - the exact time a new message from one of these suspect friends arrives into my chat inbox.

Any ideas as to what this is?

  • 77 views and not one response ---- am I doing something wrong where I am posting etc – Martin Mika Nov 10 '15 at 13:36

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