I've created a survey in SurveyMonkey and every once in a while I want to resend the poll to whoever did not respond (opting out is considered a response, of course), but I haven't found an easy way to do that.

Every time I want to do it I need to go to the collector, create a new message and so on, but all I want is to resend the same message to the people that have not responded.

Is there an easy way to do that?



Within the Collector, on the overview tab, you can select "Send Reminder" and then chose to send a reminder to people who have not responded at all, or those who have partially responded, but not completed your survey. You can also schedule this reminder, for instance 1 week after the initial invitation, and it will only send the message only to the people who have not responded at the point the reminder is sent.


David is correct about scheduling the reminder email. Unfortunately it will capture non-response recipients as of the time you set the reminder. So if on Friday I send the survey then schedule a reminder for Monday it won't send only to the non-responders as at the time scheduled on Monday. It will send the reminder on Monday but to everyone who was a non-responder as at the time I set the reminder on the Friday. What I did was to use the api to find all collectors created within the past n days then grabbed the non-responders and dynamically created another message and then sent reminders to those people via the api as well.

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