There is a user I follow on Twitter and I'm trying to find a message they posted a while ago. I tried using Twitter search to search "@username searchterm" and there were no search results. How do I search for "searchterm" of "@user"?


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You can use the advanced search to look for tweets from a specific user. It's also possible to do your search with the operator from: e.g. searchterm from:username.

There used to be a history limit on searches on twitter.com, but this has been removed.

  • Best is to put from:username in parentheses: searchterm (from:username).
    – Benny Code
    Oct 25, 2023 at 9:51

Twitter search can apparently only search back 10 days.

Try using Snap Bird.

You can:

(search) .. someone else's tweets without the limitations Twitter imposes so you can search far further back in time


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