Is it possible somehow to easily use Google Docs as a wiki? I mean, I create a first document, then add a link to another one and so on, so the procedure is easy and fast and the different docs files are easily organized.



But you have to manually keep track of the URLs to the documents. And you have to setup manually the edit permissions per document as well.

Consider using sites.google.com.

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Google Docs does not make a good wiki.

  • Optimized for printed page, not viewing online (page margins, document margins)
  • Always in edit mode
  • No mechanism to dynamically embed content or especially lists of documents in another document
  • No friendly URLs for documents
  • Does not link documents nearly as easy as in a wiki (requires interaction with menus/mouse and copying full URLs to documents)
  • Does not support text zooming fully (appears to work, but try it, hit CTRL-+ and some document components often don't display properly. Basic documents work fine.)
  • No cross-document consistent styling
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I know this is way old, but I've wanted this functionality for a really long time, so I finally built a little wiki viewer for Google Docs. Check out an example at https://gwiki.kaelshipman.me, and the source code on GitHub: https://github.com/kael-shipman/libgwiki.

All it does is use Google's Drive API to fetch a document hierarchy from a "home" folder that you feed it. Then it builds a little UI around that hierarchy that provides a "main menu" at the top (for all direct children of the home folder) and a nested sub-menu on the side as you descend into the hierarchy.

(Note that the example asks for permission to view your google drive docs (for obvious reasons). If you're not comfortable with that, you can always just download the repo and set it up yourself, though you'll have to create a Google API key and client credentials.)

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I noticed one feature in Google Drive that is relevant here:

Link lookup by text: you type in a text for the link, then you select it and press Ctrl+K. A dialog appears with two fields, and the field for the URL has drop-down list with suggestions that match the text. So this allows emulate easily some wiki-like functionality.

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https://youneedawiki.com/ looks awesome, however to me what makes a wiki useful is the search functionality which is lacking from the free version, and only 1 user. That's as their model pushed users towards the paid version.

https://www.zoho.com/wiki/?src=zoho-home seems to do the trick for me (search + 3 users) in the free version.

Both allow you to import your existing G-Drive docs.

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Disclaimer I have not yet used this tool This tool looks promising: https://youneedawiki.com/

It allows you to create a wiki that is backed by Google Docs.

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    Please don't just post a library as an answer. At least demonstrate how it solves the problem. – double-beep Mar 15 '19 at 14:29

There are many solutions and it all depends how you manage your information. The concept of wiki itself means quick. Quick answers, ease of access to information:

  1. Use Google Docs with headings and document maps. Add combination of bit.ly or url shorteners maybe keeping an organized table in Google Sheets of the hyperlinks. use Ctrl + K to insert links in a human readable form.
  2. Use Google sites and build stuff by using HTML
  3. Use third party apps such as Gwki(Gwiki had disabled the Google login), Zoho Wiki
  4. Use a Google product to have a map (key | value) table like structure. You can have things such as categories > table with information > sub tables > sub categories > tables > sub-tables.
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