I'm taking classes online, and they allow us to submit our projects on a given date, up to midnight Anywhere on Earth.

Turns out Anywhere on Earth is an actual time zone where Baker and Howland islands in the Pacific Ocean reside. It's UTC/GMT -12.


I want to set up Google Calendar appointments for that time zone so I can make sure my project submissions aren't late, but I don't see that timezone listed anywhere. The closest one I have found is "U.S. Outlying Islands/Pogo Pogo", but that's UTC -11.

Is there a time zone that's UTC -12 that I've missed, or is there any way to specify the UTC offset in Google Calendar?

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No, there isn't a UTC-12 time a zone in Google Calendar and there isn't a way to specify the UTC offset in the Google Calendar web app.

From Anywhere on Earth

Note that the day's end AOE occurs at noon Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of the following day, Howland Island being halfway around the world from the Prime Meridian that is the base reference longitude for UTC.

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