I've found a couple of related questions on this but the most recent is from 2012.

I'm trying to save a link to a filtered view of my Trello board. Is this possible? Specifically, I'd like to save a link to all cards with a particular label.

I found a couple of older cards, including this one from late 2011 in which a Trello employee says that Trello is considering the feature, but I can't find an update on it: Is there a way to save a filter in Trello?


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If you have Trello Gold, one workaround is to save a search with your specific criteria.

To find all of X label on Y board:

label:label-name board:board-name

Then click "Save this search" in the search box. It's cludgy but it works. There might be a plugin/extension to do what you're wanting as well.

  • Also: https://trello.com/search?q=
    – xtoq
    Commented Oct 9, 2015 at 12:41

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