I'm trying to sort a range that is populated by a filter and various functions. Whenever I try and apply a "filter" (the upside down triangle in the toolbar) and try and sort names or numbers from low to high it just unsorts itself after a second or so.

enter image description here

An example image of the ranges I would like to sort, whenever I try they just unsort themselves.

How do you sort ranges that are populated by a Filter(), Sort(), or Importrange() type of function?


If you are using a function that outputs an array, you are going to get that array. Trying to sort the output won't do any good: the function was asked to produce a certain array, and so it does.

But you can use another sort to produce output sorted in a desired way. If you will need multiple ways of sorting, this can be arranged using data validation and match function.

Suppose your range to sort is in columns A-C, with these headers.

|   |  A   |   B   |   C    |
| 1 | Name | Title | Salary |

I will set up a sortable version of this in columns E-F.

E1 ={A1:C1}
E2 =sort(A2:C, match(D2, A1:C1, 0), true)

The cell D1 would have text "Sort by:" and cell D2 have Data Validation of the type "Value from a range", the range being A1:C1.


  • a user selects the column to sort by in cell D2 (using a dropdown provided by data validation)
  • match finds the number of this column
  • sort sorts by it, with the sorted array appearing in columns E-F.

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