I receive emails from a bunch of different mailing lists- how do I find emails that are sent only to me? I tried searching "Deliveredto: example@gmail.com" but it didn't bring up every email and also brought up a bunch that I sent.

I work in the media so I receive about 800 emails a day and unfortunately I can't unsubscribe from the lists.

  • have you tried to:, how's that working for you ? – Tiberiu C. Oct 13 '15 at 23:45

Let me first say that it appears that Gmail does not offer a straightforward way to do this.

Here is what you can try.


  1. On right end of "search box" there is a small down-pointing arrow.

  2. Left click on it, and in to, put your email address.

  3. Left click on "Create filter with this search".

  4. Hit Esc.

This will show all emails sent to you.

Back to step 2, you can put to -me, or me -*, or "example@gmail.com AND -*" instead.


If the senders aren't too many, or a big enough part of the receiving emails have multiple lists in common, you can:

Specifically exclude all other names on the mass mails in question.

In other words, if you get mail with a To line of your...@you.com, "Jo Bloggs" , "Pat Smith" ...

you can have a filter with a To field of - "Jo Bloggs" -"Pat Smith" ...


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