I want to check if the value is given in the cell, start time and end time.

It works fine now with the function like this:

=if(and(C9 > 0, B9 > 0),C9-B9, 0)

But instead of 0 I and to check the condition not equal FALSE.

=if(and(C9 != FALSE, B9 != FALSE),C9-B9, 0)

But the != operator is not supported in google spread sheet. How can I check if the value is not given in the cell?

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The "not equal" operator in Google Sheets is <>, not !=.

Alternatively, you could recast the formula as

=if(or(C9 = FALSE, B9 = FALSE), 0, C9-B9)

In Google Sheets check equality like this: =a=b

It will return true or false. You can extend it like this:

=if(a=b," result on true","result on false")

sample sheet

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