Like most blogging platforms, medium.com provides RSS feeds, though in a rather broken way.

I found feeds:

But how to subscribe to a subset of a blog/user, as defined by a tag? I tried various URL combinations and they didn't work.

  • I hope I'm not forced to use screenscraping intermediaries like feed43.com as someone suggests.
    – Nemo
    Commented Oct 18, 2015 at 14:11

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As of Feb 2016 the answer is it's not possible. You've identified all of the RSS options that Medium.com provides.

Indeed, since you first wrote it's becoming harder to identify Medium's RSS support. It would not be surprising if they drop their limited support as their internal user base grows (as did Twitter and (largely) Facebook).

  • Indeed it seems the RSS support may be getting worse, per Nikitonsky, Medium is a poor choice for blogging: > But the misadventures do not end here. If anyone decides to blog on Medium regularly, there’s no way to follow them through RSS. I mean Medium does serve RSS, but they serve it with replies and it turns the whole idea into a non-usable mess. You just get random phrases with no context in your feed instead of articles
    – Nemo
    Commented Nov 14, 2018 at 8:34

You can now actually get a feed of all posts on a given blog with a given tag. The proper URL for this would be: https://medium.com/feed/BLOG/tagged/TAG

Careful, as of today, it seems to work for shared publications, but not for a specific user. Thus, it looks like you still can NOT do this: https://medium.com/feed/@USER/tagged/TAG.

Source: Medium RSS feeds documentation

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