I have two columns. Column K has a bunch of values, Column L has some of these values. I want to filter everything that appears in Column L out of Column K. How would I do this?

  • What exactly do you mean by filtering: doing it in place, temporarily (with a filter or a filter view) or creating a new list that will have the entries from K that are not in L? – user79865 Oct 19 '15 at 23:04

I assume you want to get the values in K that are not appearing in L ? If so (and assuming your data starts on row 2), try:

=filter(K2:K, isna(match(K2:K, L2:L,0)))

If you only want to see unique values, then try:

=unique(filter(K2:K, isna(match(K2:K, L2:L,0))))

The possible solution to calculate intersection of Column K and Column L is:


Please, see prepared example here: Columns Intersection

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