I originally created several swimlanes and started the workflow but need to re-arrange the order to cut out the number of connectors crossing over each other.


Could not get the drag and drop solution to work in the pools. But I found it was possible to reorder the swimlanes by selecting a lane in the pool and then using up- and down-arrows on the keyboard.

  • This was the only thing that worked reliably for me. Thanks! – Bill Rosmus Feb 21 '19 at 21:15

If you are using one of the 'pool' type shapes for example 'Horizontal Pool 2' you can individually select one of the 'lanes' (as per below)

enter image description here

And then drag it to another lane:

enter image description here

Hope this helps!


I've found it's possible to reposition a swimlane this way:

  1. click on the swimlane you want to move, in order to select it
  2. click and start dragging it...
  3. press the ALT key and drop the swimlane over the one in the position you want to take.

The dragged swimlane will be inserted before the existing one.

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