Is there a better way to specify conditional formatting based on another cell? For example, I have specified a Custom formula as the following (which works):

=or($A:$A="bar foo", $A:$A="baz foo")

But I would really prefer to match a partial. Something like (this doesn't work):


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For partial string matches, use regexmatch, such as

=regexmatch($A:$A, "foo$")

to match any string ending with "foo".

Aside: I find it easier to enter conditional formatting rules as they apply to the single cell in the upper left corner. So my version would be =regexmatch($A1, "foo$"). If the formatting rule is applied, say, to the range C:F, then for E3 the formula would be automatically remapped to =regexmatch($A3, "foo$")

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