I'd like to automatically create the content of a cell, based on the value of another cell.

For instance:

Cell content: 1337
Cell content 2, automatically created: http://www.superuser.com/1337

Which means, URL needs to be added. It can be retrieved from another cell, not that important, as long as it gets automatically created. Otherwise I can just type it in myself.

Why: for work, I am creating a Google Form, which gets a value. The '1337'. In the answer sheet afterwards, it should be listed as the 'http://www.superuser.com/1337'.


Use string concatenation & and the hyperlink command:


This appends the content of A1 (e.g., the number 1337) to the given string.

If you don't want the string to be a URL (i.e., clickable), use simply


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