I have a need to compare a range of data against a string of data. If there is a match, I would like to get the text or contents of a cell next to it. Any ideas?

Example: Identify name of person with SS# 123-45-6789

Data Range

Cell contents should return "John"

  • Usually, the column with a unique identifier of a person (SS# in your case) appears first. If you had this, the problem would simplify to the straightforward vlookup command.
    – user79865
    Commented Oct 24, 2015 at 5:10

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You can achieve that by using the following formulas:


=IFERROR(OFFSET(A1, MATCH(C1, B1:B3, 0) - 1, 0), "nothing found")

=IFERROR(FILTER(A2:A4, B2:B4 = C2), "nothing found")

=IFERROR(QUERY(A2:B4, "SELECT A WHERE B = '" & C2 & "'"), "nothing found")

=IFERROR(ARRAYFORMULA(VLOOKUP(C2, {B2:B4, A2:A4}, 2, 0)), "nothing found")


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I've created an example file for you: Google Sheets: If Cell text is “Text” get adjacent cell text


Very similar to @Jacob's first offer but shorter mainly for relying on a system error message (#N/A) where a value is not found:


Can be copied up or down without need to adjust the arrays (but C2 would adjust).


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