I recently purchased Office 365, and it came with Outlook 2016. I used to use Outlook on the internet to set up recurring appointments. Reminder emails would be sent to the attendees a day before the appointment. It would do this for every occurrence.

I've been trying to figure out how to do that with Outlook 2016, but with no luck. I tried using the information from this link superuser.com/scheduled-and-recurring-email-in-outlook, but it only sent an email for the first occurrence. It didn't send another one the next day.

How can I set up a reminder that gets sent to a certain email address every time it occurs?

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You can't do this w/ OL 2016 as-is. There are add-ins and various kludge versions of VBA script which will provide this, but the stock product doesn't. This is because Outlook is a Naughties (i.e. 2000's) piece of software that Microsoft forgot about in the 1990's, no matter that Google calendar (and even Outlook.com at one time) have this as a standard feature.

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