Suppose today is 13 October 2015. I want to apply conditional formatting rules to four cells in Google Sheets:

Cell 1:

10/22 Remove cat from bookcase

Cell 2:

10/23 Put books back

Cell 3:

10/24 Repair bookcase, 11/2 Send cat to vet

Cell 4:

12/6 Sell cat

Cell 1 should be formatted one way ([first] date is before today), Cell 2 should be formatted a second way ([first] date is today), Cell 3 should be formatted a third way (first date is tomorrow) and Cell 4 ([first] date is not within the last week, today nor tomorrow).

How do I do this?


The command

=datevalue(regexextract(A1, "[0-9]{1,2}/[0-9]{1,2}"))

extracts the first date-looking part from a string and interprets it as a date (if this is possible according to the current locale's convention; "13/2 buy a dog" will throw an error).

You can then set multiple rules with custom formulas involving the comparison of the above with today():

Before today:

=datevalue(regexextract(A1, "[0-9]{1,2}/[0-9]{1,2}")) < today()


=datevalue(regexextract(A1, "[0-9]{1,2}/[0-9]{1,2}")) = today()


=datevalue(regexextract(A1, "[0-9]{1,2}/[0-9]{1,2}")) = today()+1

Not within last week, today or tomorrow:

=or(datevalue(regexextract(A1, "[0-9]{1,2}/[0-9]{1,2}")) < today()-7, datevalue(regexextract(A1, "[0-9]{1,2}/[0-9]{1,2}")) > today()+1)
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  • I'm getting a VALUE error with datevalue; U.S. spreadsheet. (RegEx works like a charm. Thank you.) – Felix Oct 26 '15 at 22:00
  • The issue I found was resolved by changing "datavalue" with an "a" at the end of "data" with "datevalue"presenting an "e" at the end of "date". – Felix Oct 28 '15 at 2:41
  • Whoops, a typo. Corrected. – user79865 Oct 28 '15 at 2:43
  • would you please share the link of the sheet so that I could understand the way of applying the rule. This is really helpful rule i was actually looked for. Thanks in advance. – Shazzad Kabir Nov 21 '17 at 5:04

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