I have a set of data that I want to filter by both the rows and columns.

I want to create a function like FILTER(B4:L8, (B2:L2 = "Email")+(B2:L2 = "All"), A4:A8 = "Email") to filter the data in the image below. However this does not work, how would I go about this?

enter image description here

Example Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JIGXmOKkb_llfnrfJmdbiwFG97tiL3E3PnDuhy3r9x8/edit?usp=sharing

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As filter command documentation says,

In order to filter both rows and columns, use the return value of one FILTER function as range in another.

Like so:

=filter(filter(A4:L8, (A2:L2="Email")+(A2:L2="All")), A4:A8="Email")

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