I am trying to build a building permit form that calculates the fee based on the cost of the project. I created a box called "Project Cost" and "Fee Cost". We have ranges for the fee, not a fixed percentage.

For instance, 0-$500=$24.68, $501.00-$600=$29.27, $601-$700=$31.08 etc. My goal is if someone types in $50 in the project cost, $24.68 gets auto populated in the "Fee Cost" area, as we are going to take credit card payments based on the "Fee Cost" amount.

Every time I try and build something using some of the other examples on this post I get an error message.

  • What sort of error message? Please edit your question to include this important information.
    – ale
    Oct 29, 2015 at 13:57

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You can do an if-then calculations in Cognito Forms to handle this like follows:

=if ProjectCost <= 500 then 24.68 else if ProjectCost <= 600 then 29.27 else if ProjectCost <= 700 then 31.08 else 50

You can add as many "else if" items on to this to accommodate additional ranges. The 50 at the end in this example is just the catch-all for projects higher than the final range. Put this calculation into the Amount field for your Price field to include it on your invoice.

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