I have a sheet with many numbers generally in range 1.5-0.5 with lots of decimal places, however google sheets isn't doing sum on them correctly it returns 0.

I need all the decimal places so I can't round or anything.

Sum not working properly

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    Most likely it's the number format on that cell. – ale Nov 3 '15 at 13:16

I believe the data in columns B:E are formatted as text rather than numbers.

In Google Sheets you'd select those cells and choose Format>Number>Number.

See the example here.

  • Yes, try making the columns wider. If the contents align to the left of the cell, it is probably text. – Vidar S. Ramdal Nov 4 '15 at 20:03

After importing a csv file with a column with different decimal values and applying Tom Woodward solution I got some crazy numbers. What worked for me was to select the columns and click first on Format>Number>Plain Text & second Format>Number>Number . Aparently some of the decimal values where considered dates after importing the csv file..(only when using Spanish as main language for the document...)

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