I'm trying to query a range of names in Google Spreadsheets. When I try and make a query like: =QUERY('QA Import'!A1:H, "select A where G = "&B2&"") where B2 is John Doe I get the error

Unable to parse query string for Function QUERY parameter 2: PARSE_ERROREncountered "Doe" at line 1, column 27. Was expecting one of: "group" ... "pivot" ... "order" ... "skipping" ... "limit" ... "offset" ... "label" ... "format" ... "options" ... "and" ... "or" ... "*" ... "+" ... "-" ... "/" ... "%" ...

How do I make a query that includes data with spaces?

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Enclose the string value (John Doe) between single quotes ('John Doe'). The resulting formula is:

=QUERY('QA Import'!A1:H, "select A where G = '"&B2&"'")


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