I've setup Gmail to use my own email address, like info@mycompany.com. When using this address as from-address, sometimes I want it to prefix with my personal name, and sometimes my company name. I mean the possibility to use either: John Doe <info@mycompany.com> or Acme Inc <info@mycompany.com>. Same from-address, but prefixed with a different name.

However, if I add one (in Accounts and Imports) and then add the other, it says: address already exists. Yes, that's right, but I want to use the same address with different names.

How do I go about this, or is this impossible in Gmail?


If you're willing to use "plus addresses" and you domain name (e.g. mycompany.com) supports it (like gmail.com does) you can mostly fake it.

Add a new "send as" address with Name of "Agent Black" and email address of "yourgmail+agentblack@gmail.com".

When receiving mail Google will ignore everything between the + and the @.

  • I'm familiar with plus addresses, but in this case I need both addresses to be the same (just with different names in the From: header). – RocketNuts Nov 14 '15 at 21:35

It impossible to do it in gmail, but you can delete this address and add it with the wanted name.

  • That would be pretty extreme. One can easily change the alias of an email address within Gmail; there is no need to delete a whole account just to change an alias. The OP is dealing with what is technically the same address. – SightSpirit Nov 10 '15 at 19:03

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