We are interested in using the free version of Cognito Forms.

In what situations will the 1% fee apply while on this plan?

Also, when someone fills out the form and has attachments, can those attachments accompany the reply email on the free plan?

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    – ale
    Nov 10, 2015 at 18:29

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If you use a form under the free plan to take a payment, then Cognito will keep 1% of the payment amount (in addition to Stripe's fee. Stripe is a third party that will process card payments).

Uploads by people submitting a form are possible under the free plan. However, under the free plan Cognito will not email the uploaded file to you (possible when you pay). It will, however, include a link in the email that will let you access the uploaded files in your Cognito account.

So far I've set up a few simple Cognito forms for two different clients, all under the Free plan and found it to be very good.


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