Consider this, “GIFV good”: http://i.imgur.com/SQXB06O.gifv

Consider this, “GIFV bad”: http://i.imgur.com/MHfD9WX.gifv

Now both of these are recent uploads; 13 and 15 hours old respectively. However one plays as a video and one plays as a GIF. You can tell because if you right click GIFV good it says Pause, while if you right click GIFV bad it says View Image.

I know that GIFV bad has a video available:

$ wget --spider http://i.imgur.com/MHfD9WX.webm
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 542519 (530K) [video/webm]

However if you try http://i.imgur.com/MHfD9WX.webm directly, it just redirects you to the GIFV and plays a GIF.

What is causing this behavior?


According to Imgur staff:

we surface the original GIF if it's under 2M

What I really want from Imgur is for media to behave like YouTube videos:

  • Play once
  • Replay on click

I was able to accomplish this. First I stopped GIF looping in Firefox like this:

image.animation_mode; once

Then I created a bookmarklet to do the rest:

addEventListener('timeupdate', function(wh) wh.target.loop = 0, 1);
xr = document.querySelectorAll('img, video');
for (ya of xr) {
  zu = ya.style;
  zu.boxSizing = 'border-box';
  if (ya.play) {
    zu.border = 'thick solid violet';
    zu.position = 'relative';
    zu.zIndex = 10;
    if (ya.duration) zu.display = 'block';
    ya.onmouseover = function() this.controls = 1;
    ya.onclick = function() {
      this.parentNode.replaceChild(this.cloneNode(1), this);
      this.src = '';
  else {
    ya.onclick = function() this.src = this.src;
    zu.border = /gif/.test(ya.src) ? 'thick solid green' : 'thick solid peru';

This stops videos from looping, and will replay media on click.

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