As of today, Facebook's "On This Day" allows users to see memories from only the current day. How about seeing memories from other days?



Per this post in the Facebook Help community from a verified Facebook Help Team member, this feature is not available.

Is there a "on this day" archives you can search for previous posts you have made? I can only view todays "one this day" provided in my notifications and can not search previous "on this day" that have been previously provided.

Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, the functionality you are requesting is not currently available. We will keep your suggestion in mind as we continue to improve Facebook.

It is then suggested that if this is a feature that you want, you should use the Facebook Feedback form


Yeah you can, just not directly.

If you wrote the memory personally, click search and type your name and some of the words from the post if you remember them. It should come up.

This is yesterday's memory, I found it by typing in what I remembered from it.enter image description here


Yes. If, on your phone app, you click the 3dots labeled "More" --> then Activity Log --> at the top you can select a specific year, month, day to view your timeline.

  • While this might be a viable workaround, on Web Applications we prefer that solutions be, well, Web Applications. Not everyone has a smartphone or uses the Facebook app on it if they do. – ale Jul 18 at 12:49
  • @ale ah, this Activity log is in all, also web. Answerer wrote bad that only in app, but it needs to be fixed cuz it is actually in web and in both apps. – Kangarooo Oct 16 at 18:16

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