My wife and I have been "sharing" a facebook account under my name, and we're finally going to get her her own account. The problem is that the facebook "login" email is really her email account.

Is there a way to change the Facebook login email, without losing all my friends/contents/updates? If so, will it let me re-use that original email address for a brand new Facebook account?


Go to the settings tab, add your email address to the list of email addresses, verify your address and delete the address of your wife. Voilà you have a new login address.

This works because you can use any of your email address associated with Facebook for login.

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    I do believe there is also an option to change the primary address in that list.
    – OrangeBox
    Jun 1 '12 at 1:09

Have you saved your Facebook password? If so you can login to your Facebook account and change the email address in your Account Settings:

enter image description here

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