I currently have a Data validation of Custom formula on a cell, B8, that looks a little like this:


I'd like to turn the latter validation of B8>=75,B8<=100 into a drop-down selection with the numbers 75-100—is that possible? I only know you can with the List of items option.

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This can be done using List from a range criterion.

On another sheet, say Sheet2, enter conditional formulas that will be either blank or a number, based on B7 cell. Like this, entered in cells A1:A26 of Sheet2:


This will be either blank or the numbers 75..100.

In B8 of Sheet1, use data validation "List from a range": Sheet2!A1:A26 . This will give you in-cell dropdown, which will be either empty or contain numbers 75..100, depending on what's in B7 of Sheet1.

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