Someone is trying to impersonate me and has created a Google+ account and Hangouts. The Google+ account has a picture of me and I reported the impersonation of it and it was removed by Google. But the Hangouts app still exists and that person is falsely using that account to talk ill about me to others.

What is the way to report that Hangouts account?


From Manage invitations on Hangouts

Block someone or report abuse

When you ignore someone, you also can block and/or report the person for abuse


Report the person for abuse on Hangouts. You'll be letting Google know that there may be an issue with your Hangout with this person, such as harassing you or sending you spam. If we find that someone is violating our policies, we will take action. Reporting abuse doesn't block a person. You have to do that separately.

If you didn't have a Hangout with the one that is impersonation you, ask others to report him/her.


Google have consolidated the accounts used to access their services so a Google account is required to save preferences and content in their services like Hangouts, Google+, Youtube, etc.

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  • where do I report abuse ? and how many report abuse will it take to make google notice the issue? – xxxxx Nov 22 '15 at 16:15

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