I have seen similar questions asked but have not found a good working solution.

I have a spreadsheet which has two sections which need to be filtered into a separate tab.
The first column is names, all of which have the first three columns of data in common. After that, depending on the name, I need to draw in three other columns (non-adjacent to the first section) using a formula in a different tab.

I have created a tab (Nancy) with the first FILTER function in play (the first three columns of data), but cannot find a way to filter in the other set of data using a separate function.

I would like to make tabs for the all other names which will filter data as new information is entered on the master sheet.

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    that's exactly what i needed! thank you.
    – Bardo
    Nov 22, 2015 at 21:07

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From the comment of pnuts

I'm not sure what you want but perhaps this might be a step forwards: =query(Sheet1!A1:X15,"select A,B,C,D,H,I,J where A = 'Nancy' ",1). In other words, what actual results do you want/where from your sample data?

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