We use a third party recruiting SaaS and need job applications emailed to a unique email address provided by the recruiting software provider. I'd like to set up an email address such as apply@ourdomain.com which would alias so that the emails were actually sent to uniqueemail@recruitingsaas.com.

We can't have the emails forwarded as then the recruiting software will recognise all the emails as coming from apply@ourdomain.com and think that that is the person that applied, consider all applications duplicates and we would also be unable to reply to the applications from within the software.

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I would create a Group email, that would direct all received mails from apply@ourdomain.com (Group) to the recruiting software's email and to the inbox where we want a copy to check them at the same time.

This is the only way I know that creates multiple copies of emails without passing through a forwarding process.

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