In Lucidchart there is a great beta feature called 'Automated ERD Import' where you can import all tables, columns, constraints etc from a database. This is super useful as you can quickly build ERDs within minutes without manually creating any entities.

At my workplace we are now using Draw.io so I am wondering if there is an equivalent or similar feature that can help me in avoiding manually creating entities.

I've had a look through the Draw.io online user manual but haven't been able to find anything useful. Is this possible?


draw.io has a generic SQL import under the Arrange->Insert->SQL menu:

Insert SQL menu option in draw.io

Copy and paste your SQL commands in to the dialog and press insert:

enter image description here


Since August 2015 you can import your Lucidchart in Draw.io. According to this explanation you have to do the following:

  1. Save your ERD as a Gliffy JSON format
  2. Import it in Draw.io throug: File -> Import from ...

Maybe when the ERD is imported it also automatically makes the columns, constraints and eventually tables.

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