I have an old Gmail account that is bound to my Android cellphone and everything else.
The old mail address is too long, so I made a new account with a shorter address.

Now I tell people my new, short email address.
I can check email forwarded from the new account using my old account(delegation).

But if someone were to invite me into a chat using my new account, how will I get notified and chat with that person, using my old account, as the new account without revealing the old account ?

How do I chat on behalf of another gmail account ?

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Short answer

At this time isn't possible to chat "on behalf" of a Gmail address but the users could have a chat session open for each of their Gmail addresses at the same time.


There are several ways to have several Google chat session open at the same time:

  • Use several devices.
  • Use different browsers.
  • Use several browser profiles, one for each Gmail addresses.
  • Use Google multiple sign-in.
  • Add all the Gmail addresses to their Android devices.


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