A website has been reorganized. Pages that used to be at URLs of the form http://foo.example.com/bar/wibble are now accessible only at http://goo.example.com/baz/wibble (i.e. there's a simple mechanical transformation between them).

There are about a thousand pages on wikipedia.org that link to this website — mostly references in many articles (the website hosts a number of articles that have authoritative information on a particular topic).

Is there an existing, working way of updating the links automatically? From what I know of Wikipedia, I'd expect this to be someone running a bot. Does someone operate such a bot? If not, is there such bot software that meets the approval of the Wikipedia community?

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The simplest way to solve this would be to use AutoWikiBrowser, a semi-automated MediaWiki editor. Guidelines and instructions are available (but may vary depending on which language version of Wikipedia you will be editing).

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