At my current company, all employees have *.com and *.de email addresses. The problem now is that if I search for emails from a certain contact I have to choose between emails from either one of the two. Is there a way to be able to search for both of them at once?

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You could write directly the search terms as was suggested in the Alex answer but also Gmail could write if for you.

from:([email protected] OR [email protected])


from:([email protected] | [email protected])

In Gmail, hover over the email in a message received by the contact that you want to search for all the emails sent by that contact, a contact card popup will be displayed, then click on the Messages link at the bottom of the card.

In Google Contacts, open the contact record, click More > View recent conversations.


Yes, try this:

from:([email protected] OR [email protected])

Please note that the OR operator must be in capital letters.

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