Setting up a conditional formatting based on current cell or another cell is easy. But how do you mix them together? Let's say I have the following table:

| id                                   | red | yellow | green |
| e6282843-efc0-44f6-8989-028153adc317 | yes | yes    | yes   |
| 014c7590-5c3f-4260-b251-5098dd825688 |     |        | yes   |
| 6a037de4-0dc6-4e67-966b-7d6187b9d93b | yes |        |       |

I wanna highlight any cell in column red, yellow and green which is empty AND has an id on the id column.


Pretending that your data starts with id in column A, then B through D, put the conditional formatting range to: 'C3:E' and then choose your argument as custom formula with this:


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