I have recently written a LinkedIn post that I thought was worth having more than three tags, but when I tried to add them I got this:

enter image description here

The message isn't clear, does it mean:

  • I can add 3 tags each time I update this post? (I tried, and no)
  • There's a limit of 3 tags per post (then their wording is incorrect)
  • I need to perform mysterious actions to be able to add more than 3 tags to a post

I googled around, but no success.

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This message means you can have only 3 tags for a post. That means 3 tags per post.

LinkedIn help page says:

You can add up to 3 tags to each long-form post.

Available tags include:

  • Fields, such as Project Management
  • Skills, such as Javascript
  • Industries, such as Retail

For more information -> Tagging Long-Form Posts - Overview

We don’t currently support the function of creating your own tags, and can’t take requests for additional tags.

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