I am interested in how Wikipedia handles its large load so quickly across the globe. Is Wikipedia using a commercial CDN solution, or something else?

I did search about this topic, but because of the nature of what search engine users are commonly interested in, search results only return documentation about CDNs.

A CDN finder also did not return any results.

I had a quick look at The Wikimedia Meta Wiki: Wikimedia Servers, but it is stated that the article is quite outdated, but gives the hint that Wikimedia is not using any corporate solution.

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If you look at the HTTP response headers for Wikipedia you can see they are distributing the load across two different subdomains: eqiad.wmnet and esams.wmnet.com. They have a little bit of info about it on the Wikipedia CDN page.

Most likely this is an in-house CDN, built by them.

If you are looking for a CDN I recommend checking out CDN Comparison.

Side note: As of May 4th, 2016 they also are using HTTP/2.

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