I've got a sequence of couples as follows:

            A            B
1          Date        Value
2       01/10/2014       3
3       05/03/2015       7
4       10/12/2015       9
5       15/01/2016       11

Now I want to get the minimum value of the B column only for current year (hence, 7).

I know I can insert a C column with values equal (for each row) to:


hence retrieving min(C2:C5).

But, since I don't want to use an additional column (I don't want C), how can I do that?

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To get the minimum of filtered data, apply min to filter.

=min(filter(B2:B, year(A2:A)=year(today())))

It seems more natural to use today instead of now here, since you don't need the time component.


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