I know how to pass simple ranges to a custom function (ranges in the same sheet as the function usage). How can I pass the address of a cell in a different sheet to that function. For example A1 has =myfcn(othersheet,row(a1),column(a1))

and function myfunction(sheetname, rownum,colnum, cells)

I only need to pass the address of one cell of the other sheet.

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    Please clarify your question: what relation is there between myfcn and myfunction? One has three arguments, the other four. And what is different about cells being on another sheet? Certainly, the commands like row() and column() apply just as well to other sheets: =row(Sheet2!B5) returns 5, etc. – user79865 Dec 23 '15 at 19:42

Assuming that the ANOTHER sheet name is Sheet2 and the cell that you want to refer is A2 then the reference to be used should be Sheet2!A2, then the resulting formula is

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